A Limited Edition Viral.

The pull of something being ‘limited edition’ is a route that’s been explored by almost every well known brand. People swarm on short-time products that offer an unusual flavour, colour or even just a different type of packaging. When you think about it it’s a really odd way of appealing to people, why is it that we want to find a taste we enjoy only for it to leave our shelves after a few weeks?

There are a few different reasons this method works, firstly by adding time pressure you’re far more likely to encourage an ‘impulse buy.’ Then, you’re adding in the incentive of being the first to try something, the consumer becomes special, one of a ‘select few.’ Finally you tempt the buyer that your product will become a collectable item (although this incentive is most applicable to the limited edition bottle designs or non-consumable examples.)

Many brands exploit our inquisitive natures and use a limited edition sample to test how viable the product is. If it’s a success they then go on to release the same product later in the year, normally with people celebrating the return of an item they missed rather than by calling them out on the broken ‘limited edition’ promise.

However, one thing I’ve never seen before is limited edition advertising – Or, perhaps more intriguingly, a limited edition ‘viral.’ Now that’s a complete contradiction in terms but it seems that’s exactly what  Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have attempted with this video for Cascade First Harvest. They’ve created a video that can only be seen 5000 times, for an experimental beer that they’ve only made 5000 cases of. It’s a very risky strategy but I think it’s a really interesting idea.

There are only 130 views left, click here to be one of them.

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It’s Officially Christmas – John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012


I am a huge christmas fan. I like to ignore the fact it’s a giant corporate, consumerist celebration and instead just appreciate food, presents and pretty lights.

This year’s John Lewis advert is to be aired tonight on Channel 4 and from then on it’s into full christmas mode!

The advert, again from Adam&EveDDB adopts the same tone that John Lewis adverts have become renowned for with a soft song, the tension of the potential for disaster and heartbreak but finishes, as always, with a happy ending.

For me it would take a lot to beat the gruffalo costume from last year’s advert and my all time favourite of their adverts is still this wonder from 2 years ago but I think this advert does a good job at continuing the legacy they’ve built up. It works well with the brand and continues to tell and sell their story – Although it has already been the victim of an Ann Summer’s Spoof!

Coke Zero – 70 seconds to unlock the 007 in you.

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post (I may have to stop apologising soon with the amount of work we’ve got piled on us already!) but this time as well as the crazy second year workload I have the additional excuse of spending the past 4 days at TYPO London. I did think about reviewing the speakers on here but as I understand it most you guys reading this aren’t actually graphic designers so I’m not sure how interesting it’d be! All I’ll say is that it was a pretty full on few days but there were some brilliant speakers and lots of interesting viewpoints and examples of work to soak in.

Anyway, our brief this week is to pick a brand (from a selection of 4) and come up with ways to develop that brand whether they be evolutionary (small steps) or revolutionary (big changes). Whilst looking at campaigns other companies have done to branch out and grab the public’s attention I came across this interactive campaign from Coke Zero.

Coca Cola aren’t afraid to try something different and have a brilliant track record of campaigns. From interactive ones like their Friendship Machine to heartwarming but completely unique adverts – Brighter Side of Life, so it must be getting difficult for them to revolutionise their brand and keep thinking of new, exciting ideas to get the public involved and keep themselves in people’s minds.

Coke Zero tends to target a male audience and so this campaign urging commuters to unlock the 007 within them fits right into their brand strategy. The Campaign was created by Duval Guillaume Modem and set up in Antwerp Central Station.

During the event 70 people tested their James Bond skills but these efforts were edited down to best reflect the Coca Cola brand for the viral campaign (which has racked up almost 4 million youtube views) although as a few people have commented, this does take away from the authenticity of the campaign and perhaps a few more unsuccessful participants could have been included.

Found Via Creative Review


The Mystery of the Missing Milkman.

Roland is our Milkman. I use that term loosely as his milk deliveries are more than a little bit sporadic, he seems to have no routine or schedule but instead pitches up at random points throughout the day / week / month and leaves an entirely arbitrary quantity of milk.

So it didn’t come as much of a shock when a few days passed without a delivery, when a week had elapsed with no sign of him only a few murmurings from my Dad documented his absence, but as it draws closer to a month with our two empty bottles still untouched outside our back door we were all a little perturbed as to his whereabouts.

Then this advert from Wieden + Kennedy came along and it’s all become clear:



Poor Roland.

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I’ve got my friends coming round in a bit to watch the olympic opening ceremony so this is just a quick post to show you an advert that’s entertaining me at the minute. Shown to me by another blogger and ‘faces in places’ fan David Fletcher the new Yaris Hybrid advert is sure to make you smile:

Weekly Roundup – Super Mario Cigarettes, Incredible Paper Folding and a bit of Kiefer Sutherland

I’ve just come back from a few days sitting in a field in North Wales in an activity often referred to as ‘camping.’ What it really consisted of was sitting around a lot, doing an occasional bit of something similar to windsurfing and walking further than usual to go to the toilet. So I apologise for the lack of recent posts but I’ve now had chance to catch up on the graphic design world and there are quite a few bits I’ve found quite interesting.

First up is a great idea from Altima Web Systems who’ve combined Super Mario and cigarettes in an ingenious bid to raise awareness of the health impacts of smoking and make people think about what they’re doing to their bodies whilst they smoke.

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