Coke Zero – 70 seconds to unlock the 007 in you.

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post (I may have to stop apologising soon with the amount of work we’ve got piled on us already!) but this time as well as the crazy second year workload I have the additional excuse of spending the past 4 days at TYPO London. I did think about reviewing the speakers on here but as I understand it most you guys reading this aren’t actually graphic designers so I’m not sure how interesting it’d be! All I’ll say is that it was a pretty full on few days but there were some brilliant speakers and lots of interesting viewpoints and examples of work to soak in.

Anyway, our brief this week is to pick a brand (from a selection of 4) and come up with ways to develop that brand whether they be evolutionary (small steps) or revolutionary (big changes). Whilst looking at campaigns other companies have done to branch out and grab the public’s attention I came across this interactive campaign from Coke Zero.

Coca Cola aren’t afraid to try something different and have a brilliant track record of campaigns. From interactive ones like their Friendship Machine to heartwarming but completely unique adverts – Brighter Side of Life, so it must be getting difficult for them to revolutionise their brand and keep thinking of new, exciting ideas to get the public involved and keep themselves in people’s minds.

Coke Zero tends to target a male audience and so this campaign urging commuters to unlock the 007 within them fits right into their brand strategy. The Campaign was created by Duval Guillaume Modem and set up in Antwerp Central Station.

During the event 70 people tested their James Bond skills but these efforts were edited down to best reflect the Coca Cola brand for the viral campaign (which has racked up almost 4 million youtube views) although as a few people have commented, this does take away from the authenticity of the campaign and perhaps a few more unsuccessful participants could have been included.

Found Via Creative Review



A Collection of Really Creative Benches

It’s my 100th post today! Thank you for continuing to read all my graphic design related rambles and for any supportive comments, messages or just general chit-chat, I think I would have stopped a long time ago without it!

The inspiration for today’s blog was this Nike ‘bench’ found on Hello You Creatives. Anyone who’s been reading this for a while will know I’m a massive fan of guerilla and ambient campaigns and had talked about bench advertising briefly in an earlier post, so seeing Nike’s ad reminded me to put together a collection of bench advertising that inspires me!

Ikea show just how much difference some soft furnishings can make in their ambient campaign, just not sure what happens when it rains!

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A Mixture of Great Adverts

Today I’ve discovered (and been reminded) of several great adverts so I thought I’d put together a bit of an eclectic collection of them!

I absolutely love this advert created by students at Miami Art School for Mini that makes use of an airport luggage belt to demonstrate the larger boot room in the new Mini. Really simple and clever.

Another ambient advert that I like, and have liked for quite a while now, was designed by Everest Branding Solutions for Cancer Patients Aid Association. It’s a little morbid perhaps but still creative and original thinking:

An equally macabre yet effective advert from BBDO now using litmus paper (I assume) that changes colour in the rain to create a bloodied effect in an effort to reduce the death toll on New Zealand’s roads.

And a bit of a nicer advert, again from BBDO, to finish with featuring a clingy husband and a wife in need of a cuppa!


Found Via Hello You Creatives

How to encourage people to think on the loo.

Just a short post today as I’ve spent the day drawing cartoons/caricatures. I might post the results of that on here when they’re finished but I’ve only done 7/12 or something so may be a while! It feels nice to be doing arty farty things again after a little break from the end of first year.

Anyway, I liked this project from KNARF New York  for The School of Visual Arts. They were trying to communicate the idea of thinking wherever you are. This resulted in a nice solution of turning everyday objects into paper or, in effect, things to do thinking on.

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The best of Guerrilla and Ambient Advertising

After yesterday’s “taster” hopefully you’ll have been eagerly anticipating this post looking at my favourite ambient advertisements. There seems to be some discussion as to the difference between guerilla and ambient advertising so I’m sorry if I’m using the wrong terminology but basically I’ll be looking at adverts that make use of their environment. This is probably my favourite subsection of advertising and graphic design and hopefully the examples I’ve chosen will show why.

Guerilla advertising started as a very low cost way of selling products making use of stickers and their surroundings to convey a message. Because these ads have to be “in situ” it generally meant they had to be repeated quite a few times in order for enough people to see them to make it worth doing. With a rise in social media and viral marketing I think generally companies are spending more on just one guerilla advert and letting the power of the internet spread the word, as opposed to doing a lot of low cost adverts in different places. This is just my own personal theory so I could well be wrong.

I generally think that these adverts are much more effective when experienced in person and I think the skill involved in them should be to find a way of catching people’s attention as they go about their day to day business. I tried to avoid ones that seemed to be one off high cost affairs or simply ones that I doubted people would notice as they went about their business – although a lot of them were very clever and hard to resist, I kind of think they miss the point.

Ogilvy & Mather, Malaysia for Duracell. There are some great uses of escalators in ambient adverts but I think the simplicity of this one makes it stand out for me. They just have to hope the escalator doesn’t stop!

Ogilvy, South Africa for Golf GTI. What is your car thinking?

Agence V, Paris again for Golf GTI to be used during the Paris Motor Show. A nice use of event and placement to advertise. Continue reading

Ambient Adverts (Taster)

This is a bit of a taster for a blog I’m compiling at the minute looking at my favourite uses of guerilla advertising. I did intend to post them all today but I’m gradually running out of time so thought it would be better not to rush and to wait until tomorrow.

This is a lovely use of environment for Nike Basketball found via jaymug. Sadly I can’t find credit for it anywhere but I love how simply they turn a dull everyday action (throwing something away) into a game.

I realise this will have left a lot of you on the edge of your seats for tomorrow’s post but hopefully you can contain your excitement until then!