The BAFTAs illustrated

In the time since I’ve last written a blog post, quite a lot has been going on in my life. I’ve graduated from Falmouth University (sob) and found myself about as far removed from the seaside town as it’s possible to be, working for the fantastic design agency B&B Studio in the cliché that is Shoreditch. You may recognise B&B’s name from the plethora of blog posts I’ve written about them in the past and I’m now absolutely chuffed to now be part of the team!

Anyway, while I’ve been keeping myself busy, the design world has been chucking out all sorts of great stuff and I think after around 7 months of getting myself settled it’s about time I started writing about the things I love again. So to start us back off are some fantastic posters for tonight’s BAFTAs created by the illustrator Malika Favre working with the team at Human After All.

(As a slight side note, I went to a brilliant workshop by Human After All as part of the 2014 D&AD New Blood exhibition last summer where we spent a few hours coming up with ways to “Hack the Commute.” It was a really great afternoon topped off by our group winning the pitch and getting goodies from the team, so a very belated thank you to them for that!)

Back to the main topic of the post, the theme for this year’s BAFTAs is based on ‘The big reveal’ and Favre has cleverly incorporated this idea into the shadows of her posters.

favre bafta

Each poster depicts the duality explored within the films by using the shadows as a device to show how the characters, or the plots, develop. She created the main image above to advertise the awards and then 5 more posters for each film nominated for the ‘best film’ category.

Favre Bafta
The Theory of Everything
Bafta Favre
Bafta Favre
Bafta Favre
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Bafta Favre
The Imitation Game

These posters pretty much sum up fantastic illustration for me. They create intrigue, they maintain each film’s personality whilst staying firmly part of a set, they’re ridiculously clever and they’re beautifully executed, so you could say I’m a fan!

I was first introduced to Favre’s work a few months ago when she created an image for TFL’s year of the bus campaign, where they commissioned a number of illustrators to design oyster card wallets. She created a scene showing Route 78 with gorgeous simplicity (although the wallet is now sadly sold out):

Favre TFLI love how she manages to illustrate both a scene and a mood; She seems to know just how much detail is needed within an image to connect with the viewer whilst keeping the illustration as minimal as possible. Her colour palettes are always gorgeous too, which is demonstrated best in her scenes from Fuerteventura:

Malika Favre

I also adore her cover for The Washington Post:

Malika FavreAnd this great robot for the cover of Knack Weekend:


Her website is full of gems so I recommend having a scroll.

I discovered the BAFTA posters on the Design Week Blog.


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