Sorting out Santa’s Branding – A brilliant self-promotion from Quietroom.

I think Christmas is the best time of year for design. Sure, there are a whole heap of clichés that get recycled each year but it’s also a time where a lot of companies send out self-promotional mailers (which try and push the limits of their creativity and design) and brands often relax their usual guidelines and stipulations.

One of my favourite pieces of Christmas inspired design I’ve seen this year (that’s aside from the Warburton’s packaging I had a small hand in creating) is the Santa Brand Book from Quietroom.

It’s full of witticisms and gentle jibes at the world of branding and marketing and I think they’ve done a brilliant job of promoting their incredible way with words in a fun and festive way.

The whole thing is well worth reading but I’ve included a selection of personal highlights here, which includes this brilliant selection of venn diagrams – The ‘ho ho ho’ one is particularly inspired!
Santa Brand Book

I also love this brilliant paragraph which mocks the way that when branding something we are often taught to compare it to other objects to truly understand the brand. The best bit, in my opinion, being “if it were a holiday, it would be Easter.”
Santa Brand Book

There’s a great diagram to step you through the brand pyramid, starting with gullibility and ending with the lovely detail of ‘delivery’.

Santa Brand Book

And they provide a brilliant rationale behind the brand name:

Santa Brand Book

They offer a great selection of colour ways to chose from, including ‘white on white’:
Santa Brand Book

And, in case you weren’t sure which white to use there’s a great chart to ensure you get the colours just right (or ‘even’ in this case):

Santa Brand Book

I think the best part of this diagram showing other figures that may infringe on Santa’s territory is the inclusion of Jeremy Paxman (and his recent controvertial facial hair!)Santa Brand Book

As the promotion is from a company who focus on copy and words there is inevitably a focus on brand language and tone of voice, which is, as expected, spot on!

Santa Brand Book

Santa Brand Book

Having not heard of Quietroom before I think this brand book is a really good example of self promotion done well. I’ll definitely be looking out for more of their work in the future and following what they’re up to!

The whole book can be viewed here.


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