Making flour bloom – When execution is key

I’ve just arrived back from a lovely week away to some very exciting post from Opal Print, a printing company based in Bath:


Inside were some gorgeous posters, designed by Mytton Williams  and photographed by Alistair Hood. They were created to showcase Opal Print’s exceptional print quality and were printed live during an open day at Opal.

Opal Print, Mytton Williams Poster The idea was to take something ordinary – such as plain flour – and use their skills and expertise to make it into something beautiful. A risky strategy but one that’s really paid off.

Opal Print, Mytton Williams Poster

Opal Print, Mytton Williams Poster I wanted to try and capture some of the detail in the posters but they photos haven’t turned out too well so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Opal Print, Mytton Williams Poster These posters are a perfect example of how to pull together a solid, simple idea with great execution to make a stand out piece of work.

Also it’s worth having a nosey around Opal Print’s website for pictures like this, which are almost as lovely as the prints themselves:

Opal print, printing plate

Opal printLovely stuff – Thank you!