Branding & Packaging to be Jealous of

I love the work of B&B Studio, all of their projects have an individual wit and personality to them that very few other companies manage to achieve. Their latest redesign for Jealous Sweets is a great example of this.

Jealous Sweets B&B StudioB&B based their design around the concept of ‘covetable candy’ represented by a magpie on top of a variable jewel which corresponds to each set of sweets.

B&B studio Jealous Sweets

The design is simple and elegant – positioning the brand clearly in the premium market. This is accentuated by the use of gold foiling, embossing and die-cutting for the jewel, creating a lovely contrast between a clean crisp outside and a juicy, colourful interior.

B&B studio Jealous SweetsI think the easiest way to see just how great the new branding and packaging is, is to compare it to the original design, which falls into almost every cliché out there:Old Jealous Sweets Packaging

B&B Studio Jealous Sweets

The brand has also been transfered seamlessly across into their website, creating an elegant, easy-to-use page that highlights the lovely colours and variants of the sweets and jewels.

B&B Studio Jealous Sweets Website

I’m lucky enough to be spending some time with B&B Studio over the summer and I can’t wait to absorb even a tiny portion their brilliance!


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