Looking at design from a different angle – A brilliant campaign to stop Child Abuse

There aren’t many adverts out there that are appreciated by the general public. Adverts have been given a bad name from the plethora of rubbish out there selling ‘Foxy Bingo’ and ‘Injury Lawyers 4 U’ however one recently has been recommended to me by two different (non-design) people and shared all over my facebook page so I figured it must be worth a post!

Grey Spain have designed a poster for the children’s charity ‘Fundacion Anar’ which reveals a hidden message when viewed by a child. They have used a technique called lenticular printing which means that they can show different images from different angles and so have added beating marks, a helpline and an additional supporting line of copy that can only be seen by people smaller than the average 10 year old’s height. The thinking behind this is that it will mean adults will not disuade their children from calling the helpline or stop the children from looking at the poster.

Grey Spain Child Abuse Poster

Grey Spain Child Abuse Poster The only problem is that this has been almost too-well received and due to all the publicity people will probably recognise the poster as the one with the hidden message! That said, I think it’s a really simple and clever solution to a very difficult problem.



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