Urban Honey – Packaging Design

I thought it was about time I updated you on what I’ve been up to this term! We’ve had two projects, one live brief and one competition brief which is the one I’m going to focus on today.

The brief I chose for my competition was the jkr Juice brief to brand and package a Global Urban Beekeeper’s Company. We had to consider what products would be in the range and begin to look at ways the products could be marketed. It was aimed at 21-35 year old men and women and would be a quality brand, as they would be paying more for the benefits of city honey.

I decided not to over-complicate my brand, the product already had a number of benefits from being a natural energy boost, to each city having a distinct flavour, to a wide range of medicinal properties so I decided the strongest thing to do would be to simply combine the idea of city/urban with honey!

The brand name of Urban Honey seemed the most appropriate, and it seems to be unregistered, so used that and focused more on creating an impactful visual for the packaging which could become synonymous with the brand.

My final identity was based around road markings from various cities. By replacing the orange / yellow lines with the honey it very simply created a graphic that combined urban with honey and would stand out on shelf.

Below are the final boards I sent to jkr, you can click for a larger image and read more about my concept:

JKR juice 2013 urban honey packagingJKR juice 2013 urban honey packagingJKR juice 2013 urban honey packaging
JKR juice 2013 urban honey packagingI really enjoyed the brief and I’m pleased with the final result. I think they are striking bottles that work as a range but also individually.

Let me know what you think!


7 thoughts on “Urban Honey – Packaging Design

  1. Love your work Maisie.
    Nice to see some clear thinking behind the creative.
    Your posts regarding work you’ve seen are also very inspiring. You obviously have a good eye for great work.
    Keep it up!

    1. Hi Nic,
      Thanks very much!
      Means a lot to hear that from you, DDB’s work has always been a huge inspiration to me and one of the reasons I started thinking about going into advertising and then graphic design in the first place!

      1. Thanks Masie, give me a shout when you graduate 🙂
        I may be able to hook you up with some industry people in London or elsewhere…

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