Car adverts – are we set on repeat?

I recently came across this advert on Hello You Creatives for Fiat, it was a student project and I thought it was quite a nice idea. Whilst it doesn’t particularly highlight any of the car’s features I think it would engage with the right target market who are just after a nice looking, easy to use car.

fiat print adThough on doing a bit more research into it I came across this advert by Crispin Porter & Bogusky for VW Beetle:

Crispin Porter & Bogusky VW dare to be happy advertWhich shows to me just how much difference the execution of an idea can make. It also shows that a bit more confidence and pushing the idea as far as it can go is really what sets apart student work from industry.

It’s interesting that the student work has received a lot of criticism for ‘copying’ this advert when, if you look further through the archives there’s a whole heap of adverts that focus on the personality of a car from it’s headlights:

Listen to your inner animal DDB vw adThe original? From DDB for VW in 1999

BMW car advertCundari for BMW in 2005

TBWA car advertTBWA for Nissan in 2005

BBDO for Hankook TyresBBDO for Hankook also in 2005

All found on Joe La Pompe

Although before I began writing this I wouldn’t have been aware of any. Are we a bit quick to jump to this conclusion that everyone is copying each other? Is it that all of the good, simple ideas have been done already, are we all just dull and unoriginal nowadays or are people just looking for ways to criticise and put down new work by drawing tenuous links to the past?

If you’re interested in this idea of where trends emerge from I looked at a similar thing going on in logo design in this post.







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