QR codes; when done right, they’re not shite!

The title of this post is from Charlotte Allibon. Blame her.

I’m not usually much of a QR code fan. I generally think they’re used just to seem ‘cool’ or on trend but actually don’t find that many people use them. However some of them, normally ones that only work in certain situations, are really clever (such as the Sunny Sale QR code.)

I came across one yesterday from BURO in Turkey that I think is even better. The idea is for potential tattoo artists to fill in the QR code to apply for the job. It will only work if their lines are neat, thus showing they’ll be good tattoo-ists!

Clever QR code for tattoo artists


Hat-Trick Design show a Passion for Opera

Every time I leave a gap between posts there seems to be more pressure on the next thing I write! Normally I can find tonnes of things to inspire me but none of them seem quite “worthy” enough to write about! However I can always rely on the work of Hat-Trick design and their new work for the Welsh National Opera hasn’t let me down.

Hat Trick Design Welsh National OperaHat-Trick based the identity on using a painted brushstroke for the ‘O’, they then commissioned Howard Hodgkin (a friend of WNO’s artistic director) to create a painting based on this O which can be seen on the cover:

Howard Hodgkin for WNOTo bring the identity to life Hat-Trick design added rough and raw brushstrokes to photographs of various operas to really pull out the idea of emotion and passion.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 20.06.38 Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 20.06.47 Hat Trick Design WNO identityPossibly the most effective implementation of this, in my opinion, (aside from the dramatic slash across Anne Boleyn’s neck) is the one pictured below:
Hat Trick Design WNO identityThis really sums up why the identity is so brilliant, it makes the opera become accessible and easily understood. The almost childish strokes make what could be quite a contrived or even clichéd idea seem fresh, natural and exciting.

Even the pages without a photograph are brought to life by these vibrant stokes:

Hat Trick Design WNO identityMaking things look intentionally ‘messy’ or unfinished is a very difficult thing to pull off well but I think this solution is executed perfectly.

Once again a brilliant bit of work, you can read about their Horniman Identity here or Jim Sutherland’s own project The Disappointments Diary here.

Found originally on Design Week and It’s Nice That.