New Year, New Post.

I got my blog stats in the other day that tell me all sorts of exciting things about views and popular posts during the year. If you’re interested in that kind of thing then have a nosy here. Anyway it gave me a bit of a kick to start posting again so what better day than new year? (Although I have to make it clear it’s not a resolution because I don’t like them. They seem silly and are nearly always broken by the 5th of January anyway!)

So for this post I thought I’d show a nice bit of topical packaging that I don’t think many of you will appreciate seeing today!

Created by Brandhouse, an agency I was unfamiliar with up until now, for Berry Bros. & Rudd this packaging really stood out on the shelf and made me interested to find out more about the brand and product.

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 20.21.29Their brief was to create the most premium gin brand from a company that had over 300 years experience in wine and spirit making, which is pretty much a dream brief for anybody, I’d imagine. Brandhouse based the brand around the location of the company, working with the address, maps and even a key embossed into each bottle.

brandhouse gin packaging


I love the typography on the label and the way it continues to reflect the idea of heritage and ‘London.’brandhouse gin packagingI also particularly like the way the key concept is taken to the primary packaging using a really simple keyhole die-cut.Brandhouse dry gin packagingReally nice stuff and hopefully you’ll agree, a good start to the year!




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