Saving Lives at Sea – A Typographic Project

One of our projects on at the minute is to design a catalogue for an exhibition celebrating the RNLI. It is part of a typography module so the emphasis is purely on the typographic detail rather than a big idea.

My booklet is A5 portrait and uses Bell MT and Calibri. I wanted a traditional British serifed typeface such as Bell MT to reflect the RNLI’s heritage and history, but I personally prefer long copy in a sans serif typeface so chose calibri for these sections. The x heights seemed to be a similar size and I thought the stroke weights complimented each other aswell.

All the photography is my own and I worked using a 9×9 grid with margins set to a 2:3 ratio working off Tschichold’s theories of page harmony as well as a number of other principles. (More on this can be found here.) With a simple 2 column grid with 3mm margins within this for the extract section of the catalogue.

Clicking on a page will open larger image:

There are a few things I still need to change as some of the pages aren’t as legible as I’d like, also the page numbers aren’t correct at the minute and the extract text needs more attention to detail. The final page of the extract has a section of the image from the first page of the extract to show that it has finished but I’m not sure if this is clear enough or just looks like a printing mistake!

I also think the cover needs to be more exciting but I like the way it translates onto the first page so I might just look into printing techniques or materials that could enhance the design. Let me know what you think!


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