Horniman Museum & Gardens – Brilliant Branding from Hat-Trick

A few weeks ago you might remember that I mentioned we’d spent the week looking round some design studios in London. They were all really great and it was brilliant to have some of the process work explained to us first hand. One of these studios was Hat-Trick design, I’m a huge fan of their work anyway so it was brilliant to meet some of the designers and see their studio. We were also lucky enough to have Jim Sutherland, one of Hat-Trick’s founders, come down to Falmouth to give a talk to us. This talk massively inspired the project I’m working on at the minute so I thought I’d talk about one of my favourite pieces of their work.

Hat-Trick’s job was the brand the Horniman Museum & Gardens, they decided on the concept of a ‘collection of collections’ and worked using the very simple imagery of a square bracket. This was then mirrored to create an H to act as the simplest form of their logo:


They could then use these brackets as a device to group together some of the collections within the museum:


As well as a holding device for the full logo lock up:


It could also be used around the museum creating consistency with the logo but also allowing the collections to be seen almost completely unbranded.


Square brackets were also used to create imagery for everything else the museum had to offer. From Family tours to Aquariums:
You can watch a video showing this work in different situations below:

I love branding that allows for versatility as well as remaining consistent across a number of different medium. For me this sums up brilliant branding, there’ s a clear idea behind the work but it works across all platforms of the museum and ties together in a simple but thoughtful way.



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