7 thoughts on “I have another logo!

  1. Hi Maisie thanks for following BP&O it’s really appreciated.

    I really like this monogram, it’s pretty clever but can’t help but prefer your early one, the shared vertical stroke looks very natural and the curves expressive. It seems to have a lot more life and character behind it which I think is what is expected from a personal monogram. This one feels corporate and technological in its consistent line weight, geometry and square terminals, a little like sun-microsystems. It’s smart but I don’t think it will deliver the impact you would need following graduation.

    It’s a personal thing and you may grow to favour something else, I wouldn’t worry about it until you come to the end of your course and established some overarching design philosophies you believe in.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for the feedback and I’ll definitely take your comments onboard. I see exactly what you mean – the reason I wanted to change the first one is that I thought it could look fairly traditional whereas I would want to present myself as fresh and forward thinking. Looking at it again I see exactly what you mean about it appearing corporate, I’ll have another think and a play and hopefully come up with some kind of balance that has the right feel to it!
      Thank you,

  2. Hi Maisie I have never been able to view your old one, so can’ really compare, but I agree with above that it seems a bit corporate and not nearly quirky enough to be you!

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