This Post is Sure to Disappoint.

Today I’m trying to design my website, logo and really anything else I should probably have by now. In the interest of research I have instead spent the day watching ‘999 What’s Your Emergency’ and browsing other people’s portfolios and graphic design websites. (One of these things is possibly more useful than the other but I haven’t worked out which yet!)

This post should hopefully see me over to 15,000 views which is ever so exciting – And my stats tell me that only 1,599 of those were spam! But really, thank you very much to anyone who’s taken the time to read this and especially those people who feedback about posts they liked and visit regularly. You’re my favourites.

Anyway the thing that’s caught my eye recently is the Disappointments Diary, a collaborative project designed by Jim Sutherland at Hat-trick Design and written by Nick Asbury of Asbury & Asbury who published it.

Designed to fill the gap of misery in our everyday lives the Diary is here whenever you might be feeling slightly too jovial to bring your mood back down with a jolt – as Asbury notes “That in itself can be a kind of inspiration.”

Each page is adorned with an un-inspirational quote:

And they even allowed a section for Notable Deaths, although I like the added touch that even this list is disappointing as It had to be reduced to fit the page:

But my favourite spread is the one dedicated to the people who never call:

I love the way they’ve tapped into the cynicism that everybody has and made it witty using just a minimal layout and well written copy.

I also like the fact they’ve done it (I assume) just because they wanted to and they thought it would make people smile – in some perverse way! And I’ve very much like to be the disappointed owner of one.

Diaries can be ordered here

Found Via Asbury & Asbury’s Twitter : @asburyandasbury

Also featured on Creative Review


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