SomeOne’s doing some brilliant branding.

Our latest project is all about the language of branding so I’ve been researching some good examples of branding around at the minute.

I really love SomeOne’s recent work for The Halcyon, which is, in the words of SomeOne, “an exciting development highlighting the best of British art, retail, design, music, exhibitions, gallery, food – all with entrepreneurial spirit.”

Halcyon is a brilliant word but I was initially a little confused by the choice. I had known it to mean tranquil, calm or a moment of peace, this fitted the gallery side to the Halcyon as often they can be seen as a place of respite but it didn’t seem to fit the fragmented, colourful identity. I looked up the definition of halcyon just in case I had it wrong and found it also meant happy, joyful and carefree which suddenly brought the whole identity together for me.

I think the identity perfectly captures the facetted nature of The Halcyon whilst also bringing it altogether into a vibrant and exciting identity. I particularly like the chiselled development of the quintessentially british Gill Sans which ties nicely into the references to Vorticism.

A great bit of inspiration for my project.


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