Understanding your audience – The week we turned into photography students.

The other project we’ve been working on this week was one on understanding our  target audience. The brief was to take a photo of someone found in the street (or at work) that represented one of three categories we could choose from.

I decided to work with the category Mature Workforce but there was a secondary layer to the brief which was to try and find an additional angle within that group. I thought that the angle I chose would be quite dependant on the person I was photographing so decided to get out there and see who I met before settling too much on this angle.

After meeting an ice cream man, a police man, a bouncer, a pier-master and even a cheese smoker I finally found a subject and an angle I was happy with.

When I asked this bus driver if I could take some photos of her, her only response was “If you must” she then proceeded to carry on with her work straight away as though I wasn’t there. She was quite reluctant to engage and didn’t make any effort to open her hatch or take away the plastic screen separating us.

Initially I thought this was a bad thing but actually when I thought about it afterwards I realised it gave me quite a good angle. I could use the photo to represent the mature workforce as focussed, guarded, undistracted by this kind of ‘frivolous’ project. But it was only when I later zoomed in on my photos that I noticed the juxtaposition between her and the bold ‘Some people are gay. Get over it.” advert behind her:

I think the advert in a way represents this youth that she doesn’t have time for and I like the way she is completely ignoring it and focussed on her work.

What do you think?



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