Saving Lives at Sea – Purely Typographic Posters

So as I mentioned the other day I’ve been working on three purely typographic posters advertising a launch night and a series of lectures to celebrate the RNLI called Saving Lives at Sea.

We could only use one typeface (although different weights were allowed) and one colour – again we could use transparencies.

The main point of the brief was to first of all establish a hierarchy from a jumble of information, make the information consistent and then to make type look beautiful. It was a project all about aesthetics and not ideas which was pretty hard to get my head round initially!

My first poster was very simple, I was getting used to grids, kerning, and all the other technicalities that most people never realise happen:

For my next one I thought I’d play with a serifed typeface but again went with quite a minimalistic approach:

And for my final one I thought I’d mix it up a little and push the boundaries of what I knew about grids, type and well anything else:

I know these are by no means brilliant but I think they’re a fairly decent start at investigating the different ways you can make type look beautiful without any fancy illustrations or photos to help.

We have a lot of type projects coming up so please let me know what you think! Hopefully you should see an improvement as the weeks go by.


5 thoughts on “Saving Lives at Sea – Purely Typographic Posters

    1. Thank you! I thought the last one would divide opinion, it wasn’t a mistake it began to look too much like a cross so I tried to vary the end lengths and the keynote lectures apply to more than just the paragraph underneath so I was trying to separate it slightly! So perhaps I should have made that more obvious. Thanks for your feedback glad you like the others.

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