I am a Loaf of Bread.

I am not just a loaf of bread though, I am an M&S loaf of bread.

Even more specifically I am a loaf made up of half white and half brown bread:

In case you think I’ve gone completely mad I’ll try and explain why! As you might remember I mentioned at the beginning of the week that our first project is to come up with 6 ‘brand values’ that describe you and then come up with an object which represents these values.

After getting a random selection of people to define me I realised that if one person described me as one thing, another would describe me as the opposite. I’d like to hope this didn’t mean I was bi-polar but instead ‘adaptable’ to different situations! But anyway I decided to base my object primarily on this idea of two opposites coming together in one object.

So here’s a little insight into the process behind it:

From this I also came up with the 6 words that would make up my brand values which were:




Imaginative (I wanted a word more like theoretical but I didn’t want it to sound like I was imaginary!)


Socially Awkward

and hopefully from these words you can get the idea of contrast from the contradictory terms.

I then made moodboards (bit dull so I’ve missed them out!) and took the opportunity to practice with promarkers as I looked into objects that people had opinions on, things that contradicted themselves, and items that combined two things in one.

(I like the top of the cleaning bottle in this one!)

And from all of this I came up with the idea of Kingsmill 50/50 Bread, Hovis Best of Both or, as I finally settled on the M&S Half and Half.

I thought it fitted Opinionated as generally people have a preference about white or brown bread, Compromising as it contains both, Practical as it’s all in one loaf and already sliced, Imaginative – it took creative thinking to come up with combining them, Social because it can be shared and well I gave up with socially awkward!

I initially thought Non-alcoholic Vodka fitted the terms a little better but it’s impossible to find in Falmouth!

If you want to see this kind of thinking in practice then check out Facebook’s new advert which compare’s the social network primarily to chairs but then also to doorbells, bridges and basketball games:

Or even Guinness’ advert which likens Guinness drinkers to clouds:

It’s quite interesting seeing a similar idea put into context.

I’m working on 3 typographic posters at the minute so they should be up shortly. Sorry for the recent lack of posts but hopefully this will give you an insight into why that’s been.


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