Creative Placemints – Self promotion & wordplay combined


I’m back at uni and busy finding brand values for myself which are translated into a found object. It’s great to be back and having something constantly flying round my head again, it’s weird how hard it is to turn off from thinking about work!

At the minute I’m interested in unusual methods of self promotion, I’ve heard of students sending IOU vouchers for tea, late night at work kits and even back scratchers to agencies for placements so I’m beginning to mull over the sort of thing that might sell me to a studio.

I came across these Creative Placemints on The Dieline and was drawn in initially by their unashamed play on words, but then really liked the way they’d made it relevant to the industry.

Finished with eye catching design and a few other ties linking the promotion and the service and I think it’s a really successful example of self promotion.

Hopefully I’ll think of something as effective but maybe a little less expensive to produce!

Find out more about Creative Placement here.



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