Absolut-ely Brilliant Packaging

I discovered the work of Williams Murray Hamm a lot later than I should have but they are fast becoming my favourite design agency. Outraged that I didn’t instantly recognise their name my Dad enlightened me by saying ‘they put the beans onto Hovis!!’ a phrase that’s basically synonymous with ‘they’re brilliant.’

If you need any more convincing spend just 5 minutes on their website and you’ll soon see why I’m so infatuated. I love the way they explain their solutions and give a small insight into their processes so I’d recommend watching their showreel to find out more about projects you like the look of.

One project that caught my eye in particular is their work for Absolut Tropical Vodka:

Rather than opting for the clichéd approach of using tropical fruit images, Willams Murray Hamm worked off the colours of the fruit and showed cleverly in one image the location of the fruit, the climate it came from and the tropical colours using a thermal map.

(screen shot from their website)

A brilliant idea beautifully executed to make gorgeous packaging!

(Throw in any extra positive adjectives you’d like in that sentence.)


EDIT: Just to clarify, Richard Williams is still at the helm of Williams Murray Hamm – he wrote a comment to explain this but technological issues meant the comment was never found!


One thought on “Absolut-ely Brilliant Packaging

  1. A brilliant design company! I have had the pleasure of talking to both Williams and Hamm, nice guys, also attending a lecture by Richard Williams was most interesting. When they fell out with McVities about their Jaffa Cake packaging I wrote several letters to the design press supporting them, as a result they sent me lots of packets of Jaffa Cakes and some wine, real gents! Unfortunately they are no longer independent and I understand that Richard Williams has left and set up his own agency, hopefully both parties will carry on producing inspirational work.

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