Souper Tins to Celebrate Warhol’s Work.

What better way to celebrate the work of Andy Warhol than to mix the two things he’s most famous for (Campbell’s Soup and clashing colours) and make these tins a reality?:

These are the product of a collaboration between The Andy Warhol Foundation and Campbell’s soup and are available for a limited time only from the American supermarket Target.

There are four different labels each with their own clashing colour palette based on Warhol’s work.

I think it’s brilliant that Campbell’s Soup have taken this opportunity and they’re a great way to remember such an iconic artist as well as livening up supermarket shelves and kitchen cupboards. If only we could get them over here!

Found Via The Crossed Cow


One thought on “Souper Tins to Celebrate Warhol’s Work.

  1. Reblogged this on 18salmon and commented:
    Incredible packaging from Campbell’s soup, inspired by the work of Andy Warhol and his clashing Campbell soup cans. Only available in the USA though- bring them over the pond!

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