3 thoughts on “A w-hole load of pants design.

  1. Its simple, modern and easily recognisable as a football. It’s a strong logo. Why does the circle need to be in the same place across all applications? Just think, it could have a picture of an actual football or db himself like some of his previous logos, that’s bad branding

    1. That’s a really interesting point and I agree it could be a million times worse but that’s really why I picked up on it, I think it’s design that’s just missed the mark. I like the typeface, the idea of a strong simple message but just think the hole is misplaced, messy and pointless really and a much more interesting solution could have been found. I also think that the hole should stay consistent and changing it for one application is confusing. But thank you for making me consider it a bit further and I’ll see if it grows on me!

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