Absolut-ely Brilliant Packaging

I discovered the work of Williams Murray Hamm a lot later than I should have but they are fast becoming my favourite design agency. Outraged that I didn’t instantly recognise their name my Dad enlightened me by saying ‘they put the beans onto Hovis!!’ a phrase that’s basically synonymous with ‘they’re brilliant.’

If you need any more convincing spend just 5 minutes on their website and you’ll soon see why I’m so infatuated. I love the way they explain their solutions and give a small insight into their processes so I’d recommend watching their showreel to find out more about projects you like the look of.

One project that caught my eye in particular is their work for Absolut Tropical Vodka:

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Bob Dylan & Hand Drawn Lettering. What a great combination.

Sorry for the short break from posts I was internet-less for a week as I moved back to uni ready for my second year at Falmouth. But what better way to start back than with some gorgeous hand rendered Bob Dylan lyrics?

A selection of my favourite pages, I say a selection but it’s pretty much all of them!

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Another Brilliant Advert for John Lewis

Adam&EveDDB  have done it again. I absolutely love the work that comes from Adam&Eve (You might remember the jubilee “Ma’amite“? Adam&Eve did the posters, or this absolute tearjerker for VW polo? That was them as well. Even their website’s brilliant!) anyway, as I was saying, the latest John Lewis advert is no exception.

Sadly with so many rubbish adverts around I tend to switch off in programme breaks but I caught this advert half way through the other day and actually rewound it to watch it from the beginning!

Lovely stuff and brilliantly executed. Sniff.

The Mystery of the Missing Milkman.

Roland is our Milkman. I use that term loosely as his milk deliveries are more than a little bit sporadic, he seems to have no routine or schedule but instead pitches up at random points throughout the day / week / month and leaves an entirely arbitrary quantity of milk.

So it didn’t come as much of a shock when a few days passed without a delivery, when a week had elapsed with no sign of him only a few murmurings from my Dad documented his absence, but as it draws closer to a month with our two empty bottles still untouched outside our back door we were all a little perturbed as to his whereabouts.

Then this advert from Wieden + Kennedy came along and it’s all become clear:



Poor Roland.

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Don’t play with your food, play with the packaging instead!


I think this packaging for Stafidenios Raisins by Matadog Design is brilliant!

The packaging can be transformed very easily, without any glue or scissors, into a toy. Not only do you have the fun of making the toy you can also play at collecting the range and have the surprise of which toy you will get as there are 10 in the range.


The full collection of toys:

Matadog Design have picked up on the fact that raisins leave very little residue in the box so it’s ideal for packaging you can have a bit of fun with! By making these toys it also means there is very little waste (if the toys are collected) so good for the environment too!

Lovely idea.

Found via The Dieline


Iris on Benefits. Balancing the Controversy.

Before I start this I want to make it quite clear that I have found a rather nice comfy fence and I am most definitely sitting on it. It’s not often that I don’t have an opinion in a debate and usually I try and pick one because I think it makes these things quite fun but this one really has stumped me.

So, Iris (an advertising agency) have released an in house booklet called Iris on Benefits. It was to be sent out to its employees to tell them about the benefits they could be receiving while working there. All seems fairly kosher so far! Now the controversy has arisen because Iris decided to base this entire booklet around the concept of people receiving benefits, and they weren’t all that complementary. They went straight for the most degrading, stereotypical depictions of people on benefits that you can imagine, with their employees as the ‘models’:

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