A Collection of Really Creative Benches

It’s my 100th post today! Thank you for continuing to read all my graphic design related rambles and for any supportive comments, messages or just general chit-chat, I think I would have stopped a long time ago without it!

The inspiration for today’s blog was this Nike ‘bench’ found on Hello You Creatives. Anyone who’s been reading this for a while will know I’m a massive fan of guerilla and ambient campaigns and had talked about bench advertising briefly in an earlier post, so seeing Nike’s ad reminded me to put together a collection of bench advertising that inspires me!

Ikea show just how much difference some soft furnishings can make in their ambient campaign, just not sure what happens when it rains!

Amnesty International create a sombre but effective campaign using bus shelter seats:

While Storåkers McCann turn various benches into ‘stadium seats’ drawing attention to the versatility of football on the go from Telia:

Using benches for diet or weight related products seems to be a bit of a trend. McCann Erickson use a tiny, thin bench to demonstrate the benefits of Slim Fast

While Michael Conrad & Leo Burnett use a bench that gives under a person’s weight for Special K.

I can’t see this bus shelter seat for Fitness First going down well as the seat acts as scales and the person’s weight is broadcast on the bus shelter.

Saatchi & Saatchi show how a bench is from the perspective of toddlers to sell Pampers active fit nappies:

McCann Erickson use benches again, this time to put the sitter in the position of a skiier for Travel Alberta.

Mark BBDO literally bring people closer to sell Becherovka, a Czech Liquor.

Finally an Extra Safe bench to show just how safe you’re investments are with First Ontario!I love how one object can be transformed to show the benefits of so many different products.


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