Topical Advertising – Just blame the Lynx Effect Harry!

I really like adverts that use current events to sell their product. The one that caught my attention recently was this advert for Lynx from BBH referencing the latest Prince Harry scandal:

While I was looking for an image of it I came across another similar advert for lynx using Britney’s lightning fast wedding:

It also reminded me of these two recent adverts from Specsavers, the first picking up on the Korean Flag mix up in the Olympics and the second about a football goal that was the subject of controversy. The only little problem with these was that in the effort to get the Specsavers slogan to fit, the Korean copy actually doesn’t make sense! As the word ‘Specsavers’ needs to be at the beginning of the sentence.


This one also got a giggle as konect bus made reference to the MP expenses scandal in their advertising , although as it was put on the back of the bus I’d imagine it was produced a little while after the event so perhaps the impact was lost slightly?It surprises me when I see such an advert about an event so soon after it happens, as generally there’s quite a long turnaround between a brief and a finished advert / design. Either these companies have in house designers who can take the initiative or from big design agencies that can afford for designers to spend time making an advert without knowing whether it will go down well with the client.

However they’re done I think they’re great and hope it’s something that continues.



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