Draw Something, iPad vs HTC Cha Cha: learning not to blame my tools

I thought I’d finish the week with a few more bits of my own work. These aren’t really related to Graphic Design and I realise the whole Draw Something bandwagon has kind of been and gone but I have just got a nice shiny new iPad and stylus so I thought I’d revisit the game and see if I’d improved.

These are all based on internet images but adapted if I thought they’d work better a different way. The first two are my latest iPad attempts:

But before this I was using an HTC Cha Cha (incidentally the worst phone in the entire world) with no stylus and the tiniest screen imaginable as this photo demonstrates:

And these are a few of my favourites using this:

A full collection can be seen on my flickr.

To be honest I was hoping for a bit more improvement and I’m actually surprised at how little difference it seems to make. Perhaps it is more about technique than equipment or maybe the iPad drawings will improve with some more practice – I just hope a few people will be patient enough to wait while I do.


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