Caricatures I’ve Done

I thought I’d continue the cartoon theme and show you a few caricatures I’ve done of me and my friends. These were all done using pencil and I’ve tried to put them in the order I did them so you can see how they’ve developed.

The first ones I did were quite dramatically different to the person’s actual face and I distorted features quite a lot. This was gradually reigned in a bit as I found it quite hit and miss and often pretty offensive to whoever I was drawing!

I’ve always found boys easier to draw and like this one of my friend Will:

The scan on this one’s really fuzzy so I’m sorry about that but I thought it was quite a good one to see the transition from photo to drawing. As you can see the distortions have become less extreme:

Finally here’s one I did just before experimenting with photoshopping and colouring them. There’s a lot more detail than the computerised versions and, on looking back, I think I actually prefer them. There is a lot more likeness but they are less visually exciting and impactful than the recent ones I’ve been doing. 

Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Caricatures I’ve Done

  1. Very good Maisie! I love your blog, but I adore that fab dress you are wearing! Where did it come from please?

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