Working with the Negative – A Lovely Wine Label

I love the way this wine label, designed by Mirit Wissotzky & Manuel Dall’Olio uses one simple die cut to both reflect the name and create an elegant and simple design.

The label was based on one of Paolo Manaresi paintings, (Self portrait – backlight) and the name Controluce translates to mean backlight. I’m not sure if the name or the portrait inspiration came first but they marry together well.

By using just one label that wraps around the bottle, rather than the usual front and back label the silhouette outline is further enhanced.

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A Collection of Really Creative Benches

It’s my 100th post today! Thank you for continuing to read all my graphic design related rambles and for any supportive comments, messages or just general chit-chat, I think I would have stopped a long time ago without it!

The inspiration for today’s blog was this Nike ‘bench’ found on Hello You Creatives. Anyone who’s been reading this for a while will know I’m a massive fan of guerilla and ambient campaigns and had talked about bench advertising briefly in an earlier post, so seeing Nike’s ad reminded me to put together a collection of bench advertising that inspires me!

Ikea show just how much difference some soft furnishings can make in their ambient campaign, just not sure what happens when it rains!

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Masterchef meets 24… In an attempt to sell a laptop.

I love Kiefer Sutherland and I love cupcakes. I couldn’t care less about the laptop but this advert is brilliant nonetheless!

Created by Mother for the Acer Aspire Ultrabook (I think) Kiefer shows us how the laptop helps him reach his potential, as a baker.

The link to the laptop is perhaps slightly too tenuous and as a commenter on Creative Review puts it “the cupcakes would be significantly better if he used a Mac.”

That said, this is one of those adverts you actually want to watch and talk about so I think Mother have done a great job. Just think of the Gorilla drumming to Phil Collins to sell Cadbury’s chocolate if you’re unconvinced by this theory!

Found Via Hello You Creatives