Cartoon Me

This is another post just to show you what else I’ve been filling my summer with. A group of us at Uni have signed up to part of the ‘mentor scheme’ which basically means helping new students feel at home. As part of this we decided to make a booklet (although because of printing costs we’ll probably send it via email) with a few bits and bobs about the course and life down in Falmouth.

I took up the task of doing the contents page, intro and goodbye but thought it would be fun to make each of us a cartoon so the new students would hopefully be able to recognise us when they came down (well vaguely anyway!)

So here are a few of my attempts so far. They’ll be very small so I’m not overly worried about minor details but I’m having a bit of trouble with skin and hair colours! Also I’m very new to all this so will gladly receive feedback and tips.

This is me, although drawing yourself is near impossible in my experience:

Emma, another mentor:

And Adam:

There will be another 7 or so aswell so will show those when I’ve spent a bit more time on them and hopefully there’ll be a bit of an improvement towards the end!


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