See the World through Rose-Tinted Wine Glasses.

Sometimes we all need a bit of positive thinking and these wine bottles from Luksemburk that let you see life through rose tinted glasses are here to help. If they don’t work I’m sure merrily drinking your way through the bottle will set you in the right direction!

They remind me of Ali LaBelle’s wine bottles, from a little while ago, where she matched up character traits from her family members to types of wine and designed the bottles accordingly:

They’re also a little reminiscent of  the cork inspired labels for Wines of the World.

I like the way these bottles reflect the ‘character’ of each wine and hope this experimentally expands a little further into other packaging design. These bottles are only concept designs so it’d be great to see a client willing to be a bit more playful with their packaging.

All Found Via Lovely Package


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