An article that is definitely, 100%, completely not about the Olympics. Honest.

Okay, so I  might’ve told a little lie…

I know you’re probably sick of hearing about the whole Olympic thing, despite the fact it’s not even started yet, but this is about the companies that have decided they don’t want to have to pay millions to benefit from the Games and are determined to use the Olympics to boost sales without joining the swarm of ‘official sponsors‘.

As you may be aware LOCOG have pretty much banned every word you might want to use when talking about the olympics but that’s a brilliant way of making companies get creative! And that is exactly what these companies have done.

Nike have released a great advert exploiting a loophole in LOCOG’s conditions by featuring all of the other Londons from around the world:

Paddy Power went along a similar line with their latest print campaign:

Whilst Oddbins have started my favourite campaign, firstly by releasing this series of posters:

But then, in a slightly bitter but brilliant twist, decided to offer 30% discount to anyone wearing / carrying / using products that are not from the Official Olympic Sponsors!

Interestingly today at work (I work in a little jewellery shop) we were told to remove a certain olympic themed Pandora charm and that it would be discontinued with immediate effect but they were not recalling any sold charms. This all seemed a bit odd at the time but now writing this and thinking about the charm pictured below I think I might have an idea why!

Tut tut!

I love a bit of rebellion!

Based on an article from Creative Review


3 thoughts on “An article that is definitely, 100%, completely not about the Olympics. Honest.

  1. Do you happen to have a copy of the Pandora press release introducing AND recalling these charms? I’m working on a college project and it would be very helpful to see both intro and recall notices. THANK YOU

    1. Sorry I’m afraid not, I work in a shop so it went to that email. As I remember they didn’t disclose the reason for discontinuing the item in the email though! Good luck 🙂

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