Stackable Wine

Stacked wine is a great new way to package wine. Comprised of four 187ml plastic cups, it contains the same volume of liquid as a standard bottle but can easily be split into four equal parts ideal for picnics, festivals or other outdoor activities.


This design frees the consumer from searching for a bottle opener or glasses and they could be sold at venues that don’t permit glass. The plastic is lightweight, recyclable and a whole lot classier than necking it straight from a bottle!


Although I love the concept I think the packaging could benefit from a bit of a redesign. I think it lacks a little cohesion between the outer and inner design and it seems to neither look classy or appeal to the young festival types so perhaps a little more consideration of the target audience could be needed. All that said I don’t think it’d take much to turn this into a worldwide hit.

Found Via The Dieline


2 thoughts on “Stackable Wine

  1. Reblogged this on TH.PR & Social Media and commented:
    A great idea for making wine a bit more portable. Now you are able to have a nice glass of wine on the go! Great for a weekend concert or picnic! I am curious how the wine is and where these are available in stores?

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