The Adidas Olympic Campaign and a bit of a Rant about Consumerism

The closer the Olympics get, the more I’m getting fed up of it. It’s not just the incessant bragging about being an ‘official London 2012 sponsor,’ the cheesy adverts or the recent MP ‘scandal‘ (although all of these things are contributing factors) it’s the fact that, yet again, multi-billion pound corporations are leeching it of all its life, joy and sense of community that I think the Olympics should, or could, bring.

Yes, I realise that the Olympics is a pretty expensive thing but has the whole idea of sponsorship gone too far? Has it turned what could’ve been a really fun and exciting summer into one big consumerist orgy?

I actually signed up to be an ‘Olympic Games Maker’  I was willing to spend my summer signposting the way to the toilets to enjoy the buzz I anticipated the Games would create (sadly being 7  hours away from the 8am training event meant this never actually came to fruition) but I’m not so sure I’d want to be part of London 2012 anymore. In a desperate bid at patriotism I joined the crowds lining the streets to see the Olympic Torch Relay only to be greeted by Coca Cola, Samsung and whichever other companies coughed up enough to warrant a float.

The other thing that bugs me about all of this sponsorship lark is that I don’t think the ‘official sponsors’ actually represent the Olympics in any way. Take the main food sponsors for example:

Not exactly nutritious or, I’d imagine, the diet of athletes. The BBC summarise this all rather nicely (and less rant-y) in this article.

Now I’m going to contrast all of this and show the parts of the Olympics I like, the campaign that I think best captures the real nature of the Games and actually represents sport! Sid Lee for Adidas:

Now that should be what this Summer’s all about!

Found Via Hello You Creatives, Logo Design Love & Creative Review


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