Weekly Roundup – Super Mario Cigarettes, Incredible Paper Folding and a bit of Kiefer Sutherland

I’ve just come back from a few days sitting in a field in North Wales in an activity often referred to as ‘camping.’ What it really consisted of was sitting around a lot, doing an occasional bit of something similar to windsurfing and walking further than usual to go to the toilet. So I apologise for the lack of recent posts but I’ve now had chance to catch up on the graphic design world and there are quite a few bits I’ve found quite interesting.

First up is a great idea from Altima Web Systems who’ve combined Super Mario and cigarettes in an ingenious bid to raise awareness of the health impacts of smoking and make people think about what they’re doing to their bodies whilst they smoke.

Although I’m fairly sure this is just a concept I actually think it’s a really good way of trying to get people to stop smoking. It’s joke-y enough to make sure smokers don’t feel attacked and become defensive of their habits but it’s effective enough to make you stop and think for a while.

Ogilvy Asia also tackled the issue in the advert below:

I think this is a brilliant idea for a campaign but think it is far more effective if you were one of the targeted smokers rather than someone just watching the video so it’s a shame it couldn’t reach more people ‘offline.’

On a completely different note I love these images by Simon Schubert made entirely from folding and unfolding sheets of paper:

A full collection can be found here

And the final thing for today is this advert for AXE from BBH New York. I really like the copywriting and the voice over in particular and well, I’m just a bit of a sucker for a soppy love story:

Hopefully that will have made up for the past few days and there should be something in there to interest everyone!

Found Via Hello You Creatives and Design Taxi


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