Boxerchips – the new way to package crisps?

Today’s post comes from my lovely cousin Katie who discovered Boxerchips whilst on a recent flight and thought crisps in boxes (that weren’t pringles) were a pretty interesting thing!

After a bit of researching I’ve managed to track them back to being the work of NXL Design who started the project looking at innovative ways to package crisps to improve storage, increase sales, reduce packaging weight and use sustainable materials.

Although the graphic design perhaps isn’t overly exciting (although I am fan of a bit of cooper black) what NXL have succeeded in doing is completely reinventing crisp packaging design.

Just in terms of space efficiency they have cut down air in packets from a massive 45% in standard packets to just 5%, they can fit double the amount of packets into a standard box (as shown below),  and can fit 20 boxes into a normal airline drawer making them a preferred supplier to the industry.

By using cardboard (100% recyclable and compostable) as the main container for the crisps NXL have cut down the foil packaging by 22% and made an innovative tray ideal for sharing and film watching, (as it reduces the rustle!) And, to top it all off all of their packaging is made from renewable forests – Not bad going really!

I can really see this changing crisp packaging conventions and it shows that tackling a project without relying on preconceptions of how it ‘should’ look can actually make a really innovative solution.

A great find thank you Katie!


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