Competing Car Adverts

I came across these two adverts recently and liked the way that VW had responded to Nissan’s advert without attempting to degrade Nissan in any way, therefore creating an equally (if not more) effective advert with the added element of humour – if someone were to recognise VW’s reference:

This reminded me of Avis’ infamous advert mentioned in this post but also another bit of car rivalry instigated by BMW with this, slightly bitter sounding poster:

To which Audi responded with this:

Subaru clearly felt a little left out:

To which Bentley (supposedly) replied with this:

However the best bit of car advert rivalry I’ve seen was, again, from Audi and BMW and is shown below. (If you can’t read it Audi instigated it with a billboard saying “Your Move” to which BMW replied “Checkmate”)

I’m not sure why it is that car brands feel the need to compete so openly in their advertising but it’s becoming a bit of a recurring, albeit entertaining, theme. Although I still think the ones that do it a little more subtly (such as VW) come out of it looking the best.


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