Cartoon Me

This is another post just to show you what else I’ve been filling my summer with. A group of us at Uni have signed up to part of the ‘mentor scheme’ which basically means helping new students feel at home. As part of this we decided to make a booklet (although because of printing costs we’ll probably send it via email) with a few bits and bobs about the course and life down in Falmouth.

I took up the task of doing the contents page, intro and goodbye but thought it would be fun to make each of us a cartoon so the new students would hopefully be able to recognise us when they came down (well vaguely anyway!)

So here are a few of my attempts so far. They’ll be very small so I’m not overly worried about minor details but I’m having a bit of trouble with skin and hair colours! Also I’m very new to all this so will gladly receive feedback and tips.

This is me, although drawing yourself is near impossible in my experience:

Emma, another mentor:
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See the World through Rose-Tinted Wine Glasses.

Sometimes we all need a bit of positive thinking and these wine bottles from Luksemburk that let you see life through rose tinted glasses are here to help. If they don’t work I’m sure merrily drinking your way through the bottle will set you in the right direction! Continue reading

My Latest Favourite Advert

I’m aware I’ve described most things I’ve posted as ‘my favourite’ but this Suzuki advert is definitely up there!

I should be back to writing longer posts again soon, been busy working all week so I’m sorry for the haste.


I’ve got my friends coming round in a bit to watch the olympic opening ceremony so this is just a quick post to show you an advert that’s entertaining me at the minute. Shown to me by another blogger and ‘faces in places’ fan David Fletcher the new Yaris Hybrid advert is sure to make you smile:

An article that is definitely, 100%, completely not about the Olympics. Honest.

Okay, so I  might’ve told a little lie…

I know you’re probably sick of hearing about the whole Olympic thing, despite the fact it’s not even started yet, but this is about the companies that have decided they don’t want to have to pay millions to benefit from the Games and are determined to use the Olympics to boost sales without joining the swarm of ‘official sponsors‘.

As you may be aware LOCOG have pretty much banned every word you might want to use when talking about the olympics but that’s a brilliant way of making companies get creative! And that is exactly what these companies have done.

Nike have released a great advert exploiting a loophole in LOCOG’s conditions by featuring all of the other Londons from around the world:

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The Edible Cookbook

Korefe have come up with the brilliant idea of making a fully edible recipe book. Designed for a publishing house, they embossed a recipe for lasagne into sheets of pasta which could be read and then used to create the dish.

Gorgeously executed with a great idea behind it all.

Stackable Wine

Stacked wine is a great new way to package wine. Comprised of four 187ml plastic cups, it contains the same volume of liquid as a standard bottle but can easily be split into four equal parts ideal for picnics, festivals or other outdoor activities.


This design frees the consumer from searching for a bottle opener or glasses and they could be sold at venues that don’t permit glass. The plastic is lightweight, recyclable and a whole lot classier than necking it straight from a bottle!


Although I love the concept I think the packaging could benefit from a bit of a redesign. I think it lacks a little cohesion between the outer and inner design and it seems to neither look classy or appeal to the young festival types so perhaps a little more consideration of the target audience could be needed. All that said I don’t think it’d take much to turn this into a worldwide hit.

Found Via The Dieline