A Cracking bit of Packaging!

I love seeing what other students are up to, I often find that the most creative solutions can come from students as they have far less constrictions than agencies have with live briefs.

This pistachio nut packaging from Maija Rozenfelde caught my attention because of the unusual way it opens, I love the fact that Maija has captured the essence of eating a pistachio in the packaging itself. The outer packaging also makes a clever container for the shells of the nuts as you eat them, I like the fact this has been thought of and included within the design.

A really nice bit of typography replaces the usual nutritional information diagram:

The only thing I would perhaps change is making it slightly more practical for supermarket shelves (if that’s where it’s intended to be sold) either by making it stand a little straighter, or by putting the product name and information on the side as well so they could be stacked. But then it’s these kinds of constrictions that I was referring to at the start of this post as perhaps if Maija had started with this in mind the solution wouldn’t have challenged any packaging conventions, in fear of reducing practicality! It’s a hard balance to get right!

Found Via The Dieline


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