Carlsberg – Probably the best ad in the world.

There have been two adverts, both from Carlsberg, that have caught my attention recently. The first comprised of a magazine print advert with an accompanying video. It was done a little while ago now but I still like the idea which was quite simply to make the advert turn into a beer bottle opener.

Although this would perhaps have been better if Carlsberg bottles had an usual way of opening (as this method could be used to open any bottle) I still like the campaign and can see people wanting to test the theory. Unfortunately I can’t seem to track down which agency was responsible so if you happen to know please comment!

The second, more recent, advert was done by Fold7. This was a TV campaign but quickly began to spread virally, receiving over 1 million youtube views within a week of its launch.

I like the way this advert upholds Carlsberg’s brand as they’ve built up a reputation for having quite funny adverts as well as keeping the advert directly aimed at their target market and relevant to the ongoing Euro 2012.


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