When is a Big Mac not a Big Mac?

We all know that the pictures of food on menus, packaging and adverts aren’t always the most accurate representation of the food you will actually end up with. It’s got to the point now where I see a picture of food and mentally imagine it half the size, burnt in parts, with soggier lettuce and then question if it’s still the meal I want to opt for.

One company that’s been exploiting this socially accepted fallacy to perhaps the greatest extent is McDonald’s.  To be honest I don’t really mind this too much, I think it’s reached such a level that it’s gone beyond false advertising, the depicted food enters an almost platonic realm that people have grown to accept and recognise. But this video showing the difference and how the shoots are arranged is still pretty interesting:

I’m also glad McDonald’s have actually just accepted and acknowledged that there is a difference and produced something interesting rather than ignoring or denying the situation.

Found via Hello You Creatives


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