‘The Future is only Present Hope’ – Final project of Year 1

For our final brief of Year 1 we were set the task of portraying the phrase “The Future is Only Present Hope” in poster form. We had a considerably shorter deadline than we’d become accustomed to, with only two projects (and an essay) for this entire 15 week semester. We also generally have more direct briefs and switching your brain from quite straightforward, client based problems to one that requires a lot more personal interpretation was a little strange to begin with.

What we were basically being asked to do was make the intangible, tangible which isn’t such an uncommon request in the advertising world. I began the project looking at the brief from quite an abstract angle playing on the idea that if the future is only hope then it is, in a sense non existent, but I found that my solutions didn’t communicate this well, so I was forced to re-evaluate the brief. 

I decided to take the statement on its simplest terms and find a way to show our future hopes. This turned into a series of posters created to look like news boards, showing headlines people may hope for from various newspapers in the future, with the tag line “For the news we want to hear” for added clarity.

This solution also gave me the opportunity to add an element of humour into the posters by exaggerating the types of headline each newspaper may print. For example, the local newspaper headlines a very low key, menial event while the Daily Mail focuses on criticising celebrities. I also tried to give each story a meaningful date in some way, the cancer cure is found on Cancer Awareness day, world peace is achieved on International Peace day and the gnome is returned on International Guerilla Gardening day.

Although a more abstract interpretation might have been more aesthetically appealing I hope my solution manages to communicate quite a confusing message effectively.


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