Weekly Roundup of Things I Like

I’m aware that it’s a Tuesday which perhaps isn’t the most obvious day to round up the week, but recently I’ve come across loads of bits I like and my bookmark bar is becoming a little overloaded with links so here are a selection of things that have caught my attention recently.

I absolutely love this Post-it Note table from SoupStudio such a brilliant idea and I’d challenge anyone to attempt to sit at this desk without doodling:

Miguel Mestre has had a similar idea but created with his desk using white paper instead. Just one step away from a layout pad and, perhaps, a design studio revolution? That is if you ignore all of the impracticalities and inevitable coffee stains.

Mobstr‘s graffiti was next to grab my attention, anyone that knows me will be well aware that I am very partial to a bit of sarcasm, I also tend to prefer art that doesn’t take itself too seriously, so these are right up my street (excuse the pun.)

Parodies are a great way of adding humour into design whilst, often, putting across strong arguments for very worthy campaigns – Adbusters are possibly the best at this. Marwan Mohammed Younis‘s work below, although not as controversial or thought provoking as some from Adbusters, brought a smile to my face despite the one for a “Big Mac” being a little cheesy. (Again, I’m sorry.)

Along the same lines, The Chip Shop Award winners were announced this week and I loved this solution for IKEA from Steve Lownes.

The final thing I’m going to mention are Marin Dearie‘s series of colour changing infographics, in a sense. Entitled “Seasons of Change” they show a variety of objects, events or general things that change colour with a short caption explaining  an interesting fact about the change.

A brilliant week for inspiration.

The majority of these were found via Design Taxi.


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