Red or White? The only question you need to answer when buying wine.

I am no wine connoisseur. In fact far from it, I have been known to buy the 3 for £10 bottles available and worse than that it’s a common occurrence for me to add lemonade and blackcurrant squash to said wine before consuming. Disgraceful, I know.

However there have been times in my life where I’ve been tasked with locating a “nice bottle of wine.” Off I venture down to the intimidating army of bottles that awaits me each with a label brimming with descriptions of flavours that I’m sure 90% of its consumers will never appreciate or even be able to identify. The world of wines is a minefield for people like me. The term ‘dry’ has always baffled me. Who on earth coined the description that a bottle of liquid was ‘dry’?! And the only way I’ve ever been able to differentiate wines is that they are generally either “up your nose-y” or they come into the realm of being “back of your throat-y.”

Anyway, it seems as though the people of Russia agree with me. There is a phrase over there (although I think I’ve heard it closer to home aswell) of a “Good Red” or a “Good White” and Design Depot saw an opportunity in this and created quite simply, Red Wine and White Wine:

Using the bottle top as a place for the brand was an interesting decision. I like the fact it allows maximum simplicity for the label.

I love this packaging and would be first in line to let it take away all complications of buying wine. I realise not everyone would feel the same and some people might want to know a bit more about the flavours of the wine they’re buying but I definitely think there is a market out there for this simplicity. I’m surprised it hasn’t been done sooner!

Found Via Packaging of the World.


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