Pentagram Turns 40 Today!

To celebrate they released a video tracking their 40 years of design. Beautifully put together with a voiceover that seemed curiously familiar and a small bit of researching soon unearthed why. (Yep. they’re the same person!)

They’ve also designed 40 posters, one for each year of their ‘life.’ A few of my favourites can be seen below:

1983 -Marina Willer

1984 – Paula Scher

2000 – Angus Hyland (Possibly my favourite)

2004 – Michael Gericke

2009 – Marina Willer

Happy Birthday!

The full collection can be found here.


One thought on “Pentagram Turns 40 Today!

  1. Reblogged this on Kids In Love Collective and commented:
    Why Surface Design? To me surface design is a totally encompassing concept that embraces not only textiles and paper but literally all surfaces from the facades of buildings to our skins to the layers of a webpage to the surfaces of the air where vibrations resonate to create sound. That’s why graphic design is such an interesting discipline for surface design and for myself. I think they reciprocally inform each other because both are fundamentally concerned with transforming a two-dimensional material, whether that material is concrete like canvas or yarn or immaterial like a logo.
    Some good thoughts for Pentagram’s 40th birthday today!
    For some more thoughts on the category of surface design from the Surface Design Association website!

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