A Little Bird told me about some great new work from Pearlfisher

I’m always excited to see what Pearlfisher have been up to and their latest work, as usual, lives up to these expectations. Designed for a new collaboration between Jools Oliver and Mothercare, Pearlfisher have created the range ‘Little Bird’:

I love the logo which seamlessly combines a heart and a bird to create a strong but simple basis for the brand. The soft, rounded nature of the design and the decision to keep the text lower case gives a general feminine feel to the logo and makes the range attractive to women, which I’d imagine make up the majority of the consumers. However, by keeping the colours neutral the design can be easily applied throughout the range of, presumably, girls and boys’ clothing.

The contrasting typefaces complement each other nicely and by removing the tittle (great word) from the i of bird, the little can nestle neatly inside. The benefits of having these two typefaces can be seen on the flashcards allowing the text to hero on the main words on each card.

This might not be the most dramatic piece of design out there, but actually making a subtle brand that also stands out is possibly even harder to pull off. I think this is a great example of the way it should be done.


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