Are Clients an Integral Part of an Agency?

That seems to be a bit of a rhetorical question, but actually it’s one that’s being challenged by Coudal Partners.

Fed up with working on projects that were either interesting or lucrative the agency decided to break the paradigm of working for clients and set about creating their own businesses. They started this idea cautiously but determinedly by weighting their first business with equal importance to their paying clients of the time. It was only as this system began to work and bring in money that they began to drop clients and expand their own businesses.

To find out more about the businesses they started and their transition here’s Jim Coudal’s explaination of it all:

Now this wouldn’t have worked if they hadn’t have had the ideas for the businesses in the first place so I can’t see this revolutionising the advertising and branding world but it’s quite an interesting proposition. I like the fact they managed to change the things they didn’t like but hang on to the aspects they did, such as the variation on projects, to make a company that suits them.

Found via Adweek.


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