My Favourite Campaign of All Time, Ever.

I doubt there are many designers around who haven’t seen at least one part of The Economist’s campaign from the past 10 years. But as it is, quite possibly, my favourite campaign of all time it was going to have to be featured in this blog sooner or later!

The work seems to be split between AMV BBDO and Ogilvy & Mather, I’m not sure if this is a case of one taking over from the other or just two companies working closely together to create a cohesive campaign to run above and below the line, but I think both agencies have an equal weight in the overall success of the project.

Probably the most famous piece from the campaign was this poster by AMV BBDO:

It initially seems to be portraying The Economist negatively but with just one simple line of additional copy it completely twists the advert round and makes a brilliantly clever and witty poster.

All of these posters show just how important good copy can be:

This was parodied, in my opinion unsuccessfully by The Sun:

Who miss the mark completely and rather than coming out of it looking clever and hilarious, actually just come out of it looking a bit bitter and uninventive.

Nice idea to show how The Economist will make your brain expand:

Somehow despite this being based on a horrendously overused cliché the simplicity of this light up billboard actually works really nicely:

Now we go into Ogilvy & Mather’s part of the campaign:

With some clever guerilla marketing

and the piece I love most from the campaign:

I absolutely love this bit of ambient marketing. It’s so simple and one of those things all I really, really wish I’d thought of!


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