I’ve been told by an extremely reliable source that the excessive bunting and plethora of union jacks around at the minute is to celebrate the Queen’s 80th birthday. (I’m as baffled as you are as to how anyone has managed to come to that conclusion.)

But as the day comes nearer I thought I ought to revisit the topic – you may remember my previous post looking at Harvey Nichols’ jubilee packaging –  and see the role graphic design has in these celebrations. You can’t turn anywhere in a supermarket nowadays without seeing a ‘jack on a pack’ (the union jack has no limitation on its usage unlike the Queen’s face and the crown) but this is for the people who’ve actually got an idea behind their limited edition packaging.

So to begin with there are a few packs who’ve worked a little harder than just coating their packs in the union jack:

Brandopus for Twinings

Design Bridge for Golden Syrup

Jamie Hewlett for Absolut Vodka although it doesn’t mention the jubilee I feel as though it was done with that in mind (as well as the olympics perhaps?).

Then we have the ones that have gone all retro on us. Showing not only their heritage but actually just how much minimalistic, if a little garish, packaging can stand out on supermarket shelves:

Gilchrist for Heinz

We have the people that have gone all out:

John Walker whisky retailing at £100 000!!

And the quintessentially british Tabasco Sauce with the chance to win a diamond

And then we have my favourite responses. The ones that have come up with a simple name change or pun or just generally a twist to make you smile.

One of the main ones that’s got people talking is by Hornall Anderson for Mamite, a nice twist on the name that’s simple but adds a smile to your food shop (with a lovely pun on the word toasting to boot)

Springetts went with a temporary name change for Weetabix. Putting a lot of faith in the recogisability (that should be a word) of the packaging.

I love this simple Kingsmill to Queensmill tranisition

and Mars Celebrations are in on it too.

JWT’s posters for Mr Kipling. I think my favourite part is the change from French Fancies to Great British Fancies.

Tracking down credit for these packs is a lot harder than I imagined so I tried my best for all of them and I’m sorry for the ones I didn’t manage to trace. If you want to read more about some of these designs I’d recommend this post on Design Bridge’s Blog.


3 thoughts on “Whack a Jack on the Pack

  1. Reblogged this on 18salmon and commented:
    A nice little selection of some Jubilee packaging, nice to see that some brands go a little further than just plopping a Union Jack on the front

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