A Collection of Clever Logos

Logo design is a difficult thing to get right. Many logos bear very little resemblance to the product they are selling or, even more confusingly, the brand name.

Take Nike for example, the swoosh has to be one of the most recognisable, and therefore effective, logos of all time (so recognisable that I’m not even showing an image of it.) Yes, it symbolises speed which represents the brand as a whole but if you were just shown a picture of the logo as a floating signifier (with none of the connotations it has gained) I think you’d be hard pushed to guess what it was for.

So this post isn’t really about the effectiveness of logos, it’s just a collection of logos that I like and think are clever. In an ideal graphic design world these would be the ones that also stick in your mind but sadly the two things don’t always come together.

Some of these are quite well circulated so I’m sorry if they’re getting old now, but hopefully there are a few in here you might not have seen before.

Guild of Food Writers – 300 Million

This is quite a nice use of negative space to start us off. The two things work so seamlessly together that it takes a second to realise there are two elements at play.

Fedex – Lindon Leader while at Landor

One of the most global logos around. But how many people have spotted the arrow  in between the E and x? A lovely touch that once seen, you can’t help but notice.

Mother & Child magazine- Herb Lubalin & Tom Carness

Lubalin has been responsible for some great logos but this one has to be my favourite. Despite the magazine never actually being published this logo is widely appreciated as up there with the best.

Shelter – Johnson Banks

Johnson Banks were tasked with rebranding Shelter to increase awareness that its primary intentions had changed and were now focussed on tackling bad housing issues. Their solution? A simple roof on the letter h.

PokerHills Tournament – Alen Pavlovic (Type08)

Lovely image to combine cards and hills effectively.

United Nations Luncheon – Bob Gill

As with much of Gill’s work this doesn’t take much explanation. He simultaneously manages to keep the U.N’s authority, add an element of informality, hint that the lunch may be a little more interesting than is expected and portray all of the relevant information… in one word!

Yoga Australia – Roy Smith Design

Another nice use of negative space.

Surrey Institute of Art & Design  – The Partners

Showing the name and the kind of place it is in one picture.

Amazon – Anthony Biles while at Turner Duckworth

Another logo with a detail that I’d imagine many people have overlooked – not only does the yellow line represent the smile amazon intends to bring to their customers it also neatly links from a to z showing the wide range of products available.

The Fashion Center – Pentagram

An effective way of combining the idea of fashion and a letter from the brand name.

MindStore – The Partners

Another simple solution from the Partners combining the elements ‘intellectual’ and ‘individual’ whilst maintaining cohesion.

Pencil – Reghardt Grobbelaar

Beautifully executed use of white space.

Spartan Golf Club – Richard Fonteneau

I love the way this logo combines two completely unique concepts seamlessly.

Egg n Spoon Couriers – Thoughtful

Yet more negative space used to bring a simple logo to life.

Push the Bottle – Hemisferiod

I’m not sure if this logo is actually in use but I like the way the fist creates the liquid   in the bottle.

Cubic Metre Furniture – Minale Tattersfield

This is one of my favourite logos to finish, not only does it portray the company name it also ties in the fact that the names of all 3 founding partners began with the letter ‘m’ and it kind of still has an air of ‘furniture’ about it. That might seem like a bit of a ‘wishy-washy’ explanation but there’s something about it that appeals to me.

I hope you’ve liked this collection. If there are any more that I’ve overlooked please let me know and I’ll add them on!

(Many of these were found on Logo Design Love)


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